NOTICE: The Crooked Tail is completely booked through Sept. 1st. Please contact me at for all requests after that date. Also, space is limited over the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays. Please check the Availability Page for more information.

Greetings from the Crooked Tail!

Providing professional, dedicated, reliable & loving cat care services right in your home!
~ Serving Hamilton, Robbinsville, Allentown, The Windsors and Surrounding Areas ~

The Crooked Tail was formed in 2006 and is the areas only pet-sitting service that caters to kitties.  After seven years in existence we have over 100 human and 250 feline clients and continue to grow year after year.  

Having pets of our own, and having to have used pet-sitting services ourselves over the years, we are fully aware of the apprehension pet owners feel when deciding to allow a stranger into their home. After all, it's your home! These are your pets... your babies!  The most important things in each of our lives are our children, our home and our pets, so it is pretty scary to think about allowing a stranger into our home and around the things that mean the most to us and our family.

I am Betty Pivovarnick, Owner of The Crooked Tail, and believe me, having a daughter, a beautiful home and two kitties of my own; I know exactly what you are feeling.  Admittedly, even I am not comfortable having someone else look after what is most precious to me.  So for me, it is very important that you know that our top priority is to treat you, your kitties and your home with the same respect and care that we would our own.  To us, your babies become like our babies and it is our desire to make sure they are treated with as much care, attention and affection that you provide for them every day.

When I am asked “What is the most rewarding part of your job”, as the Owner of The Crooked Tail, I can honestly say that it's the trust that my clients place in me.  More than anything else, I personally strive to make each client feel 100% comfortable knowing that I am back home making sure that everything is taken care of in your absence.  We will even go out of our way to notice the little things.  If a light is out, a battery dead, a faucet dripping or a fire-alarm chirping, we will not walk away with the attitude that it “isn’t in the job description”.  We will make every reasonable effort to handle the little unexpected things that inevitably come up so you can just relax and enjoy knowing that your kitties and your home are being well-cared for.

So please take a look around, ask as many questions as you’d like and then consider setting up a Meet & Greet so we can begin the process of establishing a long-term business relationship based on trust, respect and friendship.